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4 months per site
30% cost savings
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Global Roll Outs
Enterprise wide implementation and roll outs are multi year activities consuming significant time, effort and budget. It is quite common to find implementation and roll outs exceeding the budget in terms of time and cost.
What are the causes for extended timeline / budget:
  • Implementation team distracted by non-implementation tasks
  •  Roll out being sequentially executed instead of being executed in parallel
  •  Roll out being executed in an implementation manner
Thirdware's Oracle Implementation and Roll-out methodology creates a shared services model for implementation and roll out. Using the shared services, the implementation and roll out tasks are broken to manageable components under SLA. Thirdware’s Roll Out model provides a 40% reduction in roll out cost and roll out time of 3 months per site.

Thirdware's Roll Out Offerings
  • Rapid prototyping across roll out sites using legacy data and pilot model
  • Handle repeatable tasks in implementation and roll out with SLA
  • Tools to handle and accelerate conversion, configuration and testing
Executive Summery
Unique Shared Services model for accelerated implementation and roll out
40% cost saving using Thirdware roll out methodology
Tools to handle rapid prototyping, conversion, configuration and testing

Rolling out Oracle across the globe can be a daunting task. Companies can manage by adapting Oracle Lite approach which leverages pre-configured models.

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