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Oracle Oracle
GRC Implementation and Support
Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) around an integrated Oracle Enterprise Applications environment are faced with major challenges like administering the inherent complexity of the application, the cost of compliance and more importantly establishing a sustainable model of GRC. The application in itself is set up intensive, extremely integrated and complex. Our Oracle GRC implementation process usually begins by questioning the basics like evaluating the initial application configuration and related controls to validate the correctness of its implementation. The sustenance of these controls has to be supported by processes built to ensure a proper governance model of the Oracle application as a whole.
Thirdware’s Oracle Application GRC approach addresses the GRC requirements of Oracle Application in an integrated fashion by looking at it from two perspectives:
  • Process perspective
  • Automation perspective
It is important to have a holistic view of Oracle GRC from a sustenance stand point rather than a one time exercise just to pass over the audit process. The practice specializes in implementing the Oracle Applications GRC Suite of products (formerly products of Logical Apps) which covers the following:
  • Configuration Controls Governor
  • Access Controls Governor
  • Transactions Control Governor
The implementation of the above tool is done along with the necessary process implementation to sustain and support overall GRC process on an ongoing process. Thirdware’s Oracle application GRC model caters to both one time implementation which includes customization of the tool if required and ongoing support of the above tools with a built in process for a comprehensive Oracle Application governance model.

Executive Summery
Implementation of Oracle GRC Suite
Comprehensively addresses configuration, access control and transaction control
Effectively reduces the cost of compliance

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