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Hyperion Essbase - System9
Hyperion Performance Management (HPM)
Master Data Management
Financial Data Quality Management

Medium Complexity
3-6 months
Faster ROI
In the past, managing interfaces between systems has been regarded by both the finance and the IT function as a technical requirement. Many of the ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) tools used to manage interfaces and collect data from a host of systems to target systems are designed to be used by IT specialists rather than finance users. Even though ultimate responsibility for the quality of the data transferred usually rests with the finance function. This has created a disconnect between the data and the finance community affected by the same. Whilst ETL tools can serve a useful purpose in bridging source and host systems, the resulting interface is of limited scope and uni-directional in nature.
Financial Data Quality Management (FDQM) provides the comprehensiveness which has been lacking in ETL. FDQM provides complete visibility on the data lying in the pipeline including audit data on changes. As a data processor designed to take on such intricacies, FDQM reverts the ownership of data back to finance community with full control.
What are the key benefits FDQM provides to the finance community?
  • Complete traceability through transfer chain
  • Visibility on changes made to the data
  • Bi-directional (Source – Destination – Source) traceability
  • Designed for intricate financial data transfe

  • FDQM Implementation using Best of Breed solutions
  • One-time data cleansing as a service
  • On-going maintenance of Master data

Dedicated Hyperion practice since 2001
Awarded Partner of the Year by Hyperion for 2003, 2004 and 2005
Experience in providing solution across industries

FDQM solution is inherently more robust in achieving financial integration. With FDQM, period close can be achieved quickly and with increased reliability.

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